Curiosity is My Unfair Advantage


Geoff Nesnow is a professor, entrepreneur and philosopher. His current passion is studying the future of work.


Geoff Nesnow is currently a professor at Hult International Business School, is a start-up adviser, writes about business and technology and is a co-founder of a social venture focused on reducing gang violence. Geoff was an early pioneer (pre-acronym) in SaaS, specifically online backup and storage. He initiated and helped develop the first B2B viral video to have over 1M views (before YouTube!). After his company was acquired, he held senior corporate roles in marketing, sales, innovation and product management - where he found, built, improved and invented new products and businesses across many industries. He is an inventor on multiple pending/granted patents and has helped other inventors enforce existing patents. He does or has advised dozens of startups across industries.

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Podcast Geoff co-created: The Courage to Listen Podcast

Social Venture Geoff co-founded: My City at Peace

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