Curiosity is My Unfair Advantage

I’ve collected some essays I’ve written about business, learning and the future.

7 Paradoxes That Make Us Human

  1. We value progress, but progress requires change and we don’t like change — especially when it happens to us.

  2. We all want to be liked. At the same time, we want to be right. When interacting with others, these desires conflict. We treat disagreements as zero sum and binary — someone is right and someone is wrong.

  3. We need constraints to unlock productive creativity, yet we reject and rebel against those same constraints.

  4. We exalt the value of following rules or “doing things the right way”, yet nearly every major success (especially “fat tail” success) comes from breaking/bending/ignoring the rules. And, the people at the top of most organizations would fail kindergarten ethics.

  5. We treat the ability to be hypocritical as power — we even revere people who’ve reached “post-hypocritical” status, yet we claim to disdain it and revel in exposing it.

  6. We all talk about how much we hate being sold to, yet we’re sold most of our decisions and opinions. We’re not only susceptible, we crave it.

  7. We expect logic and reason to impact the decisions of others when we know that our own decisions are emotional.

Geoff Nesnow