Curiosity is My Unfair Advantage

I’ve collected some essays I’ve written about business, learning and the future.

Why Founders Suck at Telling Their Own Stories

I’ve been very fortunate to meet and spend real time with the founders of many companies across a diverse spectrum of industries. I’ve found a pattern — almost none of them can quickly articulate what they do.

It’s not for lack of intelligence — they’re often the brightest people. It’s not lack of communication skills or charisma — many are incredibly articulate, often great public speakers. And, it’s not for lack of practice — a founder spends a surprising percent of her time telling their story to prospective customers, to new employees, to investors, to anyone who will listen.

Here’s my hypothesis about why it’s so hard: founders, by their very nature, are different. They see the world differently. They see customer problems and root causes of those problems differently than others. They have a unique vision of a future state. And, they got to this place through a different path than almost anyone they’ll speak to.

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Geoff Nesnow